Member Spotlight – Barb Simkus

January Member Spotlight – Barb Simkus

Year you joined the Woman’s Club: 1962

Why you joined the Woman’s Club

Well I joined because we had just moved to Carol Stream in April and I had 2 little girls and nothing to do, so I joined and became active right away.

Favorite memory of the Woman’s Club

I have many memories of the Woman’s Club.  Mostly making so many friends which a few have become lifelong friends.

At least one thing you hope to see the Woman’s Club do in 2020

I wish for the club to expand the membership.  There are so many women who are at home, mostly seniors and would like to meet people and do projects, sewing, playing cards, visiting, playing games etc.

Favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten about life (and who was it from)

I have gotten advice from many people over the years and nothing in particular, other than hearing from a friend that my Mother told her that she was proud of my love for numbers and accounting, as my Father who died when I was 3 months old was an accountant.  I guess I inherited the genes.

Something you’ve done that you are proud of yourself for

I am happy to have accomplished so many things, first for raising 5 children, and seeing 12 grandchildren grow up.  And having a great job that helped my husband and I travel on 5 cruises and go to Europe twice.  Also, many great trips to Disney.  Life has been good to me.  I wish my husband could be here to enjoy all of our hard work.

January 21, 2020