Member Spotlight – Barb O’Rahilly

January Member Spotlight – Barb O’Rahilly

Year you joined the Woman’s Club: 1959

Why you joined the Woman’s Club

New village – wanted to meet young mothers (as I was) and learn about the community we had moved into.

Favorite memory of the Woman’s Club

Too many to count – was especially fun to work on past fashion shows that were very successful in the day.

At least one thing you hope to see the Woman’s Club do in 2020

Continuing as a club – my motto “quality -not quantity”

Favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten about life (and who was it from)

Hard to answer – have had too many people in my life who have guided me and helped me to try and be a better person.

Something you’ve done that you are proud of yourself for

Raising four children and we all continue to be a healthy, happy family.

January 21, 2020