Member Spotlight – Barb Tuman

February Member Spotlight – Barb Tuman

Year you joined the Woman’s Club: 1978

Why you joined the Woman’s Club

My friend, Mary Lawrence invited me to join.  Our boys were in Kindergarten at Carol Stream School together.  I joined because I wanted to be involved in something for myself and the Woman’s Club was the perfect fit.  All the other organizations I was involved with, I was a member for my children.  When I joined the club, I found many other friends were also members.  Many of them are still members today and also great friends.

Favorite memory of the Woman’s Club

My best memories of the club are working on various activities.  Best was working with Barb O on the fashion show.  We had fun choosing the outfits for the models.  There are many other memories that bring a smile to my face.

At least one thing you hope to see the Woman’s Club do in 2020

I would like to see the club continue.  If we are large or small, we are mighty.

Favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten about life (and who was it from)

My advice is a volunteer for projects and support the club.  You will make friends and feel good about helping others.  Your work makes the club grow.

Something you’ve done that you are proud of yourself for

I am proud that I have been a member for so long. Through the years with 10 members and the years with 70 members.  We are one of the oldest service organizations in the village and should be proud of this.  Let us keep the club going.

February 18, 2020